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A drawing from 'Locomotive Engineering' published by Collins in 1871 of now preserved CP 2-2-2 'D Luiz' built by Beyer Peacock (328/1862) for the South Eastern Railway of Portugal.

The broad gauge gallery depicts from 1668mm gauge main line power of the Companhia do Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (CP) whilst the other covers the company’s metre gauge equipment plus a few industrial locomotives.

Much of the information regarding the broad gauge equipment came from the ‘Broad Gauge Steam Locomotives of Portugal’ by John R Walker, published by Hartshead Publishing ISBN No.0-9551748-0-5. Similarly information regarding the metre gauge stock came from ‘Narrow Gauge Railways of Portugal’ by W J K Davies published by Plateway Press ISBN 1 871980 35 6


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