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Digital copies of many of the images displayed on this site are available for purchase for private use. The trust & the photographer retain the copyright of these images and copies are sold on the understanding that these must not be published in any form without the prior consent of the trust. All the Paul Riley images in the Photo catalogue are available on this basis as are all in the photo galleries on the site where the main image display states this to be the case.

The prices stated below are based on all image sales being supplied as email attachments so your email system needs to be able to handle attachments of up to 3MB and ideally more if multiple images have been ordered. It would help when ordering multiple files if you could advise the maximum size limit for your system.

In instances where the original negative or slide been badly effected by scratches and/or dust particles, the cleaning up will be limited to ensuring that the image looks clean when displayed full screen on a computer. Enlargement for printing or zooming in on an area of the image may well reveal many flaws but it will be the responsibility of the purchaser to edit this further if desired. This limitation has been applied because in some cases 8/10 hours have been spent cleaning up an image to a higher standard; which is simply not an effective use of the man hours available to develop the archive.

Our prices are as follows:

Between 1 & 9 images - £1.00 each, between 10 & 25 images - 80p each, 26 & above - 70p each

All payments must be made in UK currency and overseas customers in particular are requested to use the Paypal payment button on the right, calculate the total value of your order, enter this amount in the unit price box on the Paypal screen and then click the Update Totals button before clicking on Send Payment. Then on the Paypal payment confirmation screen, please list details of the image numbers for which you have made the payment in the optional message box at the bottom of the page. UK customers can pay by cheque with a covering letter if they prefer but must quote us a valid email address.


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