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Access to the photo galleries for those countries which currently have pictures set up on this site can be gained by selecting the button for the country required from the list on the left hand side of the page below. All dates used on this site are in the European format - DD/MM/YYYY.
Builders numbers when quoted relate back to the running number as quoted in the works list and does not necessarily relate to the identity carried in later years as in many cases builder plates or running numbers have been swapped between locomotives of the same type.

Great Western broad gauge (84.25" - 2140mm) Rover class 4-2-2
Emperor and her crew pose for their photograph - date & location unknown.
Photo : RAT collection

The Forestal Land & Timber Company was registered in London in March
1906 and took over the assets of a local concern in the Santa Fe province of
Argentina; including forests of quebracho, from which tannin was extracted,
that were served by light railways of various gauges. This picture dates from
June 1907 and shows a 750mm train on the Colmena line headed by a recently
acquired Orenstein & Koppel 0-6-0T.
Photo : Chris Walker collection

The vast majority of images in the archive are not as old as those shown above and more than half are in colour.

Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique Henschel built 4-4-2 number 813 heads
a passenger working bound for Nampula on 16/07/1969.
Photo : Basil Roberts

Byvalla-Langshyttans Jarnvag 891mm gauge 2-8-0 number 5 Thor shunts at Langshyttans early in the morning of 25th May 1960
Photo Trevor Rowe

FC del Santa 2-6-0 number 10, a Henschel product of 1928, stands adjacent to the Pacific Ocean at the Peruvian port of Chimbote, some 300kms north of Lima. This line closed following severe damage by earthquake in 1970.
Photo taken in 1953 by David Ibbotson - Chris Walker Collection

One of a class of 49 2-8-0s, built by either Krupp, Henschel or Esslingen in 1938/9, heads a train on the Trans Iranian Railway that may be somewhere along the Dez gorge section south of Tehran in 1941. Photo : J D How - Chris Walker Collection

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