The frontage of the FC de Antofagasta a Bolivia's Chijini station in La Paz in the gathering dusk of 23/1/1970. Photo Trevor Rowe

The FCAB gallery covers the main line through from the Chilean frontier to La Paz and the branches built by the Bolivia Railway Company and operated by the FCAB; to Cochambamba and Sucre.
Other routes into La Paz; the FC La Paz - Beni, FC Arica - La Paz and the FC Guaqui - La Paz are covered in the second gallery. Included the pictures on the FC Arica - La Paz are some in Chile.
Lines radiating from Santa Cruz are covered in the third gallery, along with the FC Cochabamba - Santa Cruz whose ambitions to get there fell a long way short.
The final gallery covers the FC Atocha - Villazon, FC Machacamarca - Uncia, and the Huanchaca Railway.


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