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The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway - Then and Now

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway - A Railway Reborn

The content of both these shows is similar, A Railway Reborn is simply longer with some 70% more slides in it to provide a full length show for groups of railway enthusiasts, whereas 'Then and Now' runs for about an hour and is designed for showing to Probus Clubs, Civic Societies & the like. Both have recorded commentaries built in tailored to to the prospective audiences. Apart from duration, the other major difference as previously mentioned is that 'A Railway Reborn' has a far smaller proportion of pre-preservation era material in it.

Both start with some history of the line south from Honeybourne attempting to illustrate both why it was built in the first place and then the reasons for its rundown & closure. This naturally leads into its rebirth and gradual reconstruction south from Toddington culminating in the reopening to Cheltenham Race Course in 2003 and finishing with a little speculation as to where it might end. In telling the story of the lines rebuilding much emphasis is placed on the early years as these scenes provide such a stark contrast to the facilities along the line today.

A small selection of pictures from this show

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