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Both a contrast & a symbol of continuity with former Liverpool & Manchester Railway 0-4-2 number 57 'Lion' built in 1838 running along the electrified West Coast mainline not far from her original home line in 1980 on her way to attend the Rainhill 150 celebrations. A scene that is unlikely to be repeated with the increased emphasis placed these days on conserving such historic locomotives by the National Railway Museum.
Photo Tony Bowles

There is such a vast range of material available that the number of sections linked to this front page will grow dramatically over the years as time permits. For the moment the BR era pictures are limited to 4 galleries covering former Great Western Railway routes close to our home base at Toddington and one further catch all gallery covering the rest of the BR network. Likewise the heritage railway section purely relates to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway for the present and all pictures of industrial systems are collected together in a single gallery. The latter may well be the first to be expanded.


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