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Another major new route constructed after the formation of the TCDD was that from Fevzipaşa on the Baghdad Railway through Malatya, reached in 1931, to Diyarbakir reached in 1935 that was further extended to Kurtulan in 1944. This is another line running through some extremely mountainous terrain. Prior to dieselisation 2-10-0s of the 56001 series were the normal form of motive power and there follows scenes taken on the severe climb eastbound to Sivrice from Yolçati and on the westbound climb through Maden up the valley of the infant River Tigris to the lake at its source. A branch off this line from Yolçati to Elâziğ was opened in 1934 and this was eventually extended to Muş in 1953, Lake Van in 1965, and the section east of Lake Van in 1971. Prior to dieselisation this line was worked by 2-8-2s of series 46201 - 46253, built in the US for the British War Department in 1942 for service in the Middle East.

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