A map of East Indian system of 3995 route miles as it existed in 1929. This is the second largest in India in mileage terms but the largest in terms of traffic volume, and is all broad gauge.

The East Indian Railway Company was formed in London in 1845 with a capital of £4,000,000. The first 23 mile section to Hooghly was opened in 1854 and the line on to Benares was completed in 1862, opening in sections over the intervening years. The final sections of the main line through to Delhi were completed by the end of 1866. At the end of 1879 the Indian Government purchased the railway but leased it back to the company for them to work until 1919. In fact it was not taken into full state control until 1st January 1925 and it was amalgamated with the state owned Oudh & Rohilkhand Railway on 1st July 1925.

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