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This is an agreement between The Restoration & Archiving Trust (the Trust) and ..................... of ........................................................... (the Photographer and/or copyright holder) which is intended to benefit and bind his/her representatives and endeavours to ensure that the Photographer’s collection (the collection) is preserved as far as practicable in perpetuity.

In consideration of the Trust paying & the donor receiving the sum of £1.00, the Photographer donates the collection to the Trust on a permanent basis for the Trust to archive the images digitally and create a catalogue giving details regarding each image insofar as the Photographer is able to provide this information or the Trust is able to establish. If the Photographer is still alive and so wishes, the collection will be returned after archiving into the Photographers custody along with a set of DVDs (if required) of the images created by the Trust, which maintains 3 copies of all images to guard against total loss of same through any man-made or natural disaster. On the Photographer’s death, if the custody of the collection has not already been returned to the Trust, it will then be handed back. The Photographer will retain unlimited but joint copyright up until the time of death if so desired but thereafter copyright will pass to the Trust. In the meantime the Photographer grants the Trust limited copyright allowing it to use the images solely for ; exhibition purposes by print or digital presentation, the sale of prints*, use in any Trust Publications*, and mounting low definition copies on the Internet*, the income derived from these uses being applied by the Trust to it’s ongoing archiving & photo restoration work (* optional, see overleaf). All uses of the images authorised by this agreement will be under the Trust’s editorial control. Any approach made to the Trust by a Publisher for reproduction rights, or similar use outside the Trust’s limited copyright will be referred on to the Photographer whilst he/she holds unlimited copyright for the Photographer to negotiate the contract with the Publisher. Any fees accruing from such contracts will be retained by the Photographer.

The Trust will apply the same level of care and protection as the Trustees do to their own collections but beyond this the Trust cannot accept any liability for damage or loss whilst the collection is in its possession or in transit. Once the archiving process is complete as described above, the level of protection provided is then superior to that provided for the vast majority of collections in the country. Once full rights under this agreement pass to the Trust, the Photographer can if so desired specify a single beneficiary to whom the Trust will for his/her lifetime pay half of any fees received from Publishers for reproduction rights of any of the Photographers images used from the Trust’s archive.

Signed by or on behalf of the Photographer ...........................

Signed on behalf of the Trust ...........................

Date ..............

Are you prepared to allow the Trust to sell prints of your photographs for fund-raising purposes? Y/N*
Are you prepared to allow the Trust to use the photographs in its own publications free of charge for fund-raising purposes? Y/N*
Are you prepared to allow the Trust to mount low definition copies of your images on the Internet? Y/N*

* Delete as appropriate

Please make arrangements to recognise the existence of this agreement by including an instruction in your will to pass all photographs covered by this agreement on to the Trust & keep your copy of this document with the will.


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