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Welcome to our on-line Catalogue

This catalogue is not being developed further as the maintenance of two separate databases proved too much to handle. It was initially thought that the records were static enough for this to be not much of a problem; but this proved not to be the case. The single source principle has to be applied and this awaits high speed broadband and an ISP providing support for a Filemaker database that can be maintained online and accessed by all, at a reasonable cost.

The copyright position regarding images in this database varies considerably. Many are owned by the Trust with full reproduction rights, others are owned by us but subject to restrictions on their use at present; and yet more have been made available to us under licence, the terms and conditions of which vary greatly.

Copies of these images are available for private use as digital downloads. Please make a note of any image numbers that you would like to purchase as you browse the catalogue and then proceed to our Digital Sales page for further details. Any such image can also be made available for publication at additional cost.

We would welcome your assistance with this project in reporting any errors or omissions that you notice in the details regarding the photographs. Time has precluded many of them being properly checked for typing errors and of course many pictures arrive in our hands with no such details provided. In some cases where the location is not known the record will actually state this, in others an educated guess may have been made with or without a ? mark appearing to highlight this uncertainty.

The records for Unknown locations cannot be found using the normal search facility but to display these please Click here


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